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click here for your free brochureTypical rates for base, dwarf walls, building works.

NB - Base prices are based on gross external area. Additionally when calculating wall costs you do not make any deductions for the area occupied by the doors. The base includes footing to perimeter.

1 Concrete base - 94.00 per sq metre (assumes max build up from ground level to base level of 200 mm) Minimum charge 650 (Based on a concrete base - 150 mm thick, brick faced and including damp proof membrane) 
2 Cavity brickwork. - 125 per sq metre (Measure from DPC level) (No deduction to be allowed for doors etc)
3 Build-up surcharge - add 15 per sq metre to the rate for the concrete base for every 100 mm over and above 200 mm of build up. (For instance if total build up from ground level to DPC / finished base level is 500 mm you would charge 45 per sq metre additional - i.e. 500 mm - 300 mm = 300mm - therefore charge is 3 x 15 per sq metre)
4 Single skin brick work - 90 per sq metre (Minimum charge 300) 
5 To bridge drains - 30 each time (assumes concrete lintel used) 
6 To provide double sealed manhole cover - 200 each 
7 To re-site gully 200 each. 
8 To move manhole (requires building regulation approval) - 600 minimum charge
9 To supply and fit radiator - from 300 
10 To supply and fit electrical connection (double power points, connect wall lights) - 60 first connection, 50 second connection and 30 per connection thereafter (Minimum charge 200)
11 To use angled bricks on Victorian conservatories (Squints, dog legs, specials) - 3 - 5 per angled brick.
12 To remove and dispose of existing structure (greenhouse etc) - from 250.00
13 To "knock through" from adjoining room - e.g. remove window and create opening for patio doors. - 160.00 plus 90 to fit door if required.
14 To insert lintel - From 400.00
15 To insert cavity tray (where conservatory roof connects to existing house walls) - 65 per metre. 
16 To build a soakaway (for drainage) 190.00

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