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Conservatory erection costs (rough Guide only - based on lean-to style)

For any area up to 16 sq metres charge 50 per sq metre. For any area in excess of 16 sq metres charge 50 per sq metre for first 16 sq metres and then 35 per sq metre over and above 16 sq metres. (Minimum charge for any conservatory installation 600 - i.e. 12 sq metres)

Add surcharges as follows to above prices:

(A) Add 400 for any Victorian or Edwardian design (e.g. a 16 sq metre Edwardian will cost 1200 to install)
(B) Add 300 for any roof with glass in it.
(C) Add 200 for any roof with a box gutter in it.

Example Costing

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Based on 3660mm x 3350mm Victorian Style Conservatory. (All calculations are based on gross external areas - no deductions for doors or angles)

Base cost = 3.66 x 3.35 = 12.26 sq metres - cost 12.26 x 94 = 1152.44

600 mm dwarf wall = 3.66 + 3.35 + 3.35 (10.36 metres) x 0.6 m = 6.216 sq metres

Wall cost = 6.216 x 125 = 777.00

Erection costs = 3.66 x 3.35 (12.26) x 50 = 613.00 PLUS 400 Victorian surcharge = 1013.00

Grand Total for base and erection in this example

1152.44 + 777.00 + 1013 = 2942.44

PLEASE NOTE: These are example prices. Use for budgeting purposes only. We recommend a site visit by the builders / installers in order to confirm prices. The prices quoted in this guide are based on using established builders and installers who offer a quality job and guarantee. It's possible to obtain lower prices, but we advise you to be careful and avoid "cowboy" builders or "unscrupulous" traders. GET ALL PRICES CONFIRMED IN WRITING AND INSIST ON AN INVOICE FOR ALL WORKS.

You may download this entire Building Cost Guide in our download area by clicking here.



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