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Conservatory Buyers Guide. Find out more about conservatories and sunrooms in PVCu, Hardwood, Vinyl and Aluminium. Lots of tips and advice.

Conservatory Buyers GuideBuying a new conservatory ranks up there with buying a new house, buying a car or completing an examination, in terms of complexity and general angst for most people. Certainly not a project to be entered into lightly. There is so much choice - do you want a summer room or an all year room? - do you want double glazing or single glazing? - what will you use it for? etc etc. And then there are so many companies and each with such convincing stories to tell. No wonder so many buyers almost give up in confusion and despair. Or worst still make the wrong decision in desperation!

This Guide is about avoiding that. Never before has such a simple, effective - almost "underground" guide to the do's and don'ts of buying a conservatory been made available to the general public - a sort of "idiots" or "dummies" guide to conservatories! that despite it's title will not talk down to it's reader.

IF YOU WHERE LOOKING FOR A "CLEARER" VIEW ON CONSERVATORIES, THIS IS IT. Beat the salespeople at their game and get the best deal with the CONSERVATORY BUYER'S GUIDE.

All the questions and many more you probably haven't thought of will be answered here.

Where shall I locate it? What is the best size? What material shall I use? Do I use a local company or a national company? How will I heat it? Can I use it all year round? Can I do it myself? or should I get a company in?

The Almost Impartial Guide

All of this will be answered in The "Almost" Impartial Guide to Buying a Conservatory. To access the guide click here - it will open up a new window.

When you are finished you will easily be able to return to
CONSERVATORIESTODAY. Enjoy the guide and please, if you have the time, give the guide authors some feedback using the Contact Us page within the guide. THANK YOU.


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